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Ozone cleaning

Our workers will clean the premises according to your requirements. The length of cleaning depends on the size of the premises. If you are interested in such a service, send us an email with the exact requirements, address and size of the premises. Our team will contact you and tell you more. 

How effective are ozone and ozone disinfection?

100 percent - of course, while observing the correct selection of its generator, for example, for the size of the space you want to disinfect. No bacteria or virus can resist ozone, thanks to its gaseous state it permeates everywhere. In every corner of the interior, it has a cleansing effect on things, tools, plasters. It thus eliminates harmful germs and sources of odors. Cleaners are therefore suitable both for disinfection and for eliminating odors, for example from smoke.

Can ozone also deal with new types of viruses, perhaps even coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease Covid-19?

Yes, for that reason there is enormous interest in ozone generators. In addition, the use is simple and broad. We estimate that in the near future most companies and households will have their own generator for everyday use. 

How effective is the ozone generator itself?

It is essentially an air purifier through another gas – ozone, which is a modification of oxygen. Generators usually work for 120 minutes and serve a certain area depending on the technical type. They have quiet operation, low consumption and weight.

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